The Real-Life Science Behind Orphan Black

In addition to being incredibly entertaining and provocative, the popular Orphan Black series is absolutely teeming with science. From human clones and genetic engineering through to DNA barcodes and genetic patents, here's what you need to know about the science behind the show. » 3/31/15 1:30pm Yesterday 1:30pm

Film This Book: Best Served Cold

Hollywood is hot for fantasy and such now and it's great seeing some YA titles get adaptations. But there's still slews of great books out there, not just full series but stand-alones that can be perfect for a movie adaptation so every now and then, I thought I'd spotlight one. And kicking it off with a tale that… » 3/31/15 3:59pm Yesterday 3:59pm

The Long And Terrible History Of DC Comics Mistreating Batgirl

Batgirl has been in the media for all the wrong reasons recently — but this is nothing new. The iconic heroine has long been a source of controversy for DC, thanks to a series of strange decisions. Here's the story of DC's Batgirls, and the controversies that have come to define them. » 3/31/15 12:15pm Yesterday 12:15pm